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I bought F-secure Total (Safe and Freedom) for 5 devices. 1 pc, 1 tablet and 3 mobile phones, all working nicely. I then figured I need only Safe for three more phones and bought the product. I now have the product code, but where on earth do I get to add the devices? Using the code on my account only suggests on using the new value for those 5 devices already existing. I shouldn't have to create another account hopefully?


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    I think that with your situation - most useful step is to contact official F-Secure Support Channels (chat or phone):

    I'm also only F-Secure user (their home solutions) and kind of my unofficial feelings:

    -- F-Secure Account is pinned to Subscription.

    -- F-Secure TOTAL and F-Secure SAFE - different types of subscription (different packages).

    -- For activate your F-Secure SAFE Subscription - need to create an account.


    Otherwise -> MAYBE F-Secure Support with abilities to work around situation and tweak your specific request. For example, increase your SAFE-part of TOTAL-subscription only. By merging subscriptions (or tweak subscription based on another). Unclear does it possible to support such view (and what will be with renewal process).


    Just like additional potential steps:

    == to create feature request ""Support different/multiple subscriptions per one account""

    == to create feature request ""More configurable TOTAL subscription: custom SAFE and custom FREEDOME licences"";


    Potential own workaround (as option to visible step):

    > possible to create another F-Secure Account; But, for example, as mail-address to use your 'mail-address' with kind of aliases (if your mail-service/provider do support it).

    As result, yes, two different My F-Secure Accounts. Need to login into related account for rule some things.

    But, in general, both accounts are pinned to your mail-account and you are able to see letters with this one main  mail-address (not need to use two fully different mail-addresses/providers).




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    Thanks for your thorough reply! I will contact the support on Monday and see if they can merge those licenses. 

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