IS 2012 Slow start up - WIN XP SP 3

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Just started (last week) to have a very slow start up. Process mon(SysInternals) bootlog, shows a lot of FSGK/FSSM etc activity during boot sequence. Automatic update seems to also be active too early(but I might be wrong!). Disconnecting the network before boot doesn't make any difference. Long wait on welcome screen. I note that a similar issue was supposed to have been fixed in SR1




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    Today i have visited my parents and they got the same problem. The System needs a cupple of minutes that it can be used.

    They have Windows XP too.

    I have check the settings of F-Secure and i saw that the Firewall has stopped and the System needs a reboot. 

    After the reboot the Firewall Service wouldn´t start.

    So i have uninstalled F-Secure and installed it again. It seems, that after the reinstall the System works a little bit better and the Firewall Service works now. I commissioned my parents to start the system every day for some minutes (normaly they don´t use the pc every day) and on wednesday i check the pc again.



  • i have windows vista, since i have changed my anti virus from virgin media to F- secure my start up is so slow  is this normal with F-secure anti-virus?

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    No. Maybe Virgin Media Security hasn't been completely removed. Check out this thread:


  • if i try deleting old virgin media anti virus again will it delete f secure anti virus as well

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    Accepted Answer

    No. The uninstaller will only remove the old Virgin Media AV.


    Specific uninstaller for  Virgin Media AV here;  UserCommunity-Uu-RpsUU.exe,


    1. Download and save the file somewhere that is easy to access on your machine such as the ‘Desktop’ or ‘My Documents’ folder.
    2. Double click the file to run it.
    3. Click Yes to confirm that you want to uninstall.
    4. Restart the computer when prompted.

    If results after using this uninstaller are no better, uninstall F-Secure normally, reboot and then try a fresh install.


    But take into account that F-Secure starting up on boot will take longer to load than the modified Trend Micro/Virgin Media AV you used before.

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