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I bought a f secure Safe Key on eBay. I get a Username and a Password. Is this ok or not, because the Email (Username) Adress isn't my Email Adress.Is this Dangerous for me?


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    It sounds to me like you possibly bought a spare licence from somebody who has, say, bought a subscription for 5 devices, but has only used three of the licences. If that's the case, you would probably therefore be registering the licence using the F-Secure account of the person you bought it from.
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    Can I change my Username(Emaiadress)?
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    I don't think so. I have to say, if indeed it is the case that someone has sold on a "spare" licence, I'm not sure whether this complies with the terms of the subscription, but you would need to ask F-Secure for clarification if you wish to change the account details attached to the licence.
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    Sorry for my reply. I'm also only F-Secure user (their home solutions).

    And just like my own feelings and additions to discussion.



    I bought a f secure Safe Key on eBay. I get a Username and a Password. Is this ok or not, because the Email (Username) Adress isn't my Email Adress.Is this Dangerous for me?

    Yes, it is dangerous for you (if owner of email address or subscription is unknown for you; or suspicious one). In addition, more dangerous - if you do not able to use this mail-address as access to it (also, if it is valid mail-address at all).


    Even if there is noted situation with unused licences (under subscription) or, more likely, 'invited' account with abilities to use licences (with limitations). Because:

    -> if mail address (username) is pinned to main type of account (full subscription):

    -- owner with abilities to reset password to it and restrict your access;

    -> if mail address (username) is created as 'invited' account (ability to use available licences of subscription):

    -- owner with abilities to remove your from 'circle' or remove any of your installation-licences.

    -- and with access to some information.


    Additionally, some troubles with renewal process.

    And unclear point about does it break F-Secure Terms or not (not concerned you - but owner of subscription).


    Can I change my Username(Emaiadress)?

    It is possible to do with F-Secure Support request (chat as example). Just like option to change pinned 'mail-address' under subscription (normal situation) per request Support.

    Then... all depends on your skills. :)

    Basically, it should not be possible with your certain situation (need to know purchase-information; information about subscription, some confirmations, clear view and so on). But I think that with enough effort it pretty possible situation (except if subscription is pretty trick itself; and Support Agents with abilities to see that there are some tricks or constantly strange activities).

    In general, I think potentially can be normal situations when someone decided to create (?!) mail-address and SAFE account; then give subscription with existed account to someone else.

    Or to invite someone to his own circle (feature of SAFE). Unclear does it break some terms or so - but just like potential situation. Or evenmore -> normal situation when it is your own experience about own needs.


    But based on your description sounds as trick or dangerous situation (mainly if you do not able to use mail-address as mail; and mail-address/password is known only for My F-Secure Account); Because owner of mail-address with large scale of abilities. Furthermore, F-Secure Support Channels should not change mail-address with common design (because it should be request by owner of subscription; owner of mail-address) and if it will be possible - it is Support's troubledesign and many abilities for rogue activities.


    Otherwise you are able to ask 'owner' of subscription for his own request change mail-address to your own mail-address under this subscription; with his Support request (if there is not a rogue/trick try from owner of subscription -- I think this is most logical step currently).



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    Note that this could also be cashing of stolen user accounts. Unless you can verify the seller actually owned that email address, you might be involved in criminal activity by taking it into use. Be careful

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