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After the latest Firefox upgrade 58.0.2 whenever I type the www the banking protection is enabled without going into a bank page. I cleared all history etc. but the problem is still there. Windows internet security is working ok.

Does anybody have a solution?



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    Sorry for my reply. I'm also only F-Secure user.

    Not sure about solution, but I decided to place my feedback about your experience:


    ->> I load system and open Firefox 58.0.2;

    Tried to type "www" or even some of direct banking words like "" and so on under address-bar.

    Banking Protection is not triggered.


    ->> I decided to open banking website (;

    ->> With next tries to open Firefox 58.0.2 (or so);

    When I type "www.n" (or it is possible to type briefly speedy www.nord -- but enough www.n) -> Banking Protection is enabled BEFORE my opening this page.

    With additions that visited website was with https:// (and ?! www.)


    It was always (?) with Firefox Start Page (with visible previously opened websites as suggestion during typing - where banking websites were with https:// and ?! www.) .

    If I tried to open Firefox (Start Page) and then switch to Google Search (for example). And then repeat noted steps -> Banking Protection is not triggered.


    BUT -> with my experience after clear all Firefox journal/so -> it was not possible to repeat Banking Protection trigger by such steps.

    Does it possible to re-check with your experience -> for example -> if you typing the "www" under address bar -> does there visible suggested banking website-pages? And does it with Firefox Start Page?



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