How to disable website blocking? F-Secure doesn't have a right to block my access to websites!

Elks Posts: 2 New Member
I have Freedome installed, and I have disabled everything except for the VPN connection in the program, but I STILL GET BLOCKED ACCESS!! How do I disable it?


  • Elks
    Elks Posts: 2 New Member

    "Harmful web site blocked This web site has been reported as harmful. We recommend that you do not visit this web site."



    F*ck off F-Secure, I simply want to use your VPN routing, not be babysitted about my web browsing!

  • FDU
    FDU Posts: 57 Explorer

    Very easy, in the Freedome application interface you have 3 security « layers » (anti-tracking, navigation and connexion) that you can independently activate/deactivate, pressing on each of them.

    so, in the case that you describe, you can at least deactivate the navigation protection at your risk and peril, or at least when you want to access this specific site


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