Payment fails during internet shopping

Payment fails during internet shopping with MasterCard and PayPal. What can it be?? I think there is a massive security problem on my iPad! Who can help me at F-Secure forums?

It was in two totally different shops. Payment process just stopped- 

Account is still ok. 





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    Sorry for my reply. I'm only F-Secure user (their home solutions). And I'm not really friendly with iOS or noted payment systems.

    So, not sure that I'm with abilities to help you. Also, if there is required something like official help (and, for example, your experience about F-Secure SAFE and their SAFE Browser) -> it is possible to try direct F-Secure Support Channels (chat or phone):


    But, for example, some of my own unofficial feelings and suggestions; Does it right setting (?):


    -> your device is iPad;

    -> with this device you tried to perform something like internet shopping (with payment systems like MasterCard and PayPal).

    -> with latest step (confirm payment?!) there is return with 'broken' result? Does there visible any indicators of such trouble? How it reasoned?


    I just think that potential reasons are too much many. Maybe it is possible to re-check payment systems FAQs or Knowledgebase about potential your situation. What if it explained about potential troubles.


    If trouble is based on F-Secure (?!) -> usually -> it is good to re-check that something like JavaScript is enabled; Not expected that some domains or URLs may be blocked/restricted (Browsing Protection module or Content Blocker module).  For example, if internal payment system's resources are blocked... as result.. payment process with broken result after time-out (or refused).


    Good if there will be more suggestions and advices.



  • I had to tell, that I don't know iPad.
    But here my questions for you @SebNeb:
    - did you see any errors on screen during the shopping?
    - problems with connections, perhaps?
    - are you sure, that in that exact webshop is possible to buy with PayPal or MasterCard?
    - is this happened earlier?
    - and labs address⏬

    You can take contact to F-Secure Labs.
    Go to the headline Banking Protection, on the screen.

    🏦 No shopping - money saving💰
  • No error messages on the screen, just loading to long. Something is getting blocked.
    Can payment services block me for some reason?
  • @SebNeb

    If someone has difficulties with payment of bills, perhaps credit company can limit new purchase.

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    No error messages on the screen, just loading to long. Something is getting blocked.
    Can payment services block me for some reason?

    With my experience PayPal confirmation (?) page with long circle-loading pretty often.

    Maybe with mobile device (or certain browser) it may be with much more impact.


    Does it possible to re-check with another system or device about your experience?

    Thus, it will be visible does payment services will restrict/block you for some reason. Or there is any other explanations.

    My own feelings that payments systems may be with strong-design about scripts and third-party resources. And delay for loading/getting any of them will create unexpected result.



  • No, limit is ok


    I asked the Webshop. They answered that they have an “external security provider??

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