SAFE: Pop-up: "harmfull item found"

I have an iMAC (2017/18) and have Ziggo Safe Online (Dutch provider) installed.
This is a F-Secure product!
Every time I open my MAC, a popup appears saying: "Harmfull item found"
I open the  infectionfolder and it says: time january 23 / and:detectiontime: todays date. 
This happens every time I open my MAC!
How do I get rit of this popup????
I already made a diagnostic file as recommended by one of your colleages is Holland.SAFE :  


  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply. I'm only F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    So, situation is next:


    -> Something with harmful/malicious rating (or with suspicious look) are blocked during load/bootup your Mac ('open Mac'). Most likely, real-time-scanning detect some activities.


    -> If it is clear what is it (since your noted folder). Good to transfer such file to F-Secure Labs:


    Because, time to time, it is possible to meet false positive detection.

    Otherwise -- good to delete/remove malicious item. For example, did you try to perform Full Scan?


    Also, does there is visible something more than timestamp of folder/file creation and detection timestamp? Something like detected item's destination or detection-name?



  • treinscoot
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    So, when I turn on my iMAC, this popup appears every time.

    No doubt the harmfull item has already been removed but it's a bit annoying..

    I let it be!

  • Ukko
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    Yes, most likely it is a design. When harmful item is detected -> autodecision is 'to remove it' (or 'quarantine it'). Otherwise, block access to it (or its activities).


    Does your concern is:

    -> not possible to disable notification about such event?

    -> not possible to find which item is rated as harmful?

    -> even if it detected - next 'turn on Mac' with such notification else one time?


    Back to your first ask:

    How do I get rit of this popup????

    I feel that if your ISP suggested to create diagnostic-files (and you did it) - so - then it should be possible to contact them back. Or will try to contact direct F-Secure Support Channels (chat or phone):


    Otherwise -> maybe information from your SAFE installation can be enough (for example, what is detected item; does it always this certain one; if it is possible to locate detected item -> should be possible to transfer this file to F-Secure Labs for re-analysis it; If it is indeed harmful item -> re-check why it is still under your system). Since I'm not sure that there are available some designed steps to stop/disable notification about such events (but only to handle reason of such prompt).



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