Site keeps blocking access to internet


When ever i click on a ad by google this site keeps blocking access to the internet.

Anyone know how to stop it...... it seems to hate fsecure.... as it only affects safe browsing not safari repeatedly clearing cookies/browsing used to get shot of it but now it wont go away!!!!! No mater what i do.....


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    Sorry for my reply. I'm only F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    So, yes, sounds strange a little be. How I can to understand: your experience about iOS and F-Secure SAFE (Browser). Or with Mac and F-Secure SAFE (and its Browsing Protection feature)?

    But does it happened only when you tried to choose "Advertisement"?

    If yes -> maybe F-Secure  will double-check such connection (safe or harmful) -> but?! Google goes be with broken state about request. Even I'm not sure why Google suspect such traffic. And does it useful to sort their captcha?


    Also, it is possible to contact F-Secure direct support channels (chat as example):

    like their direct troubleshoot.


    There was some story with F-Secure Freedome solution and general words about Google Captcha:



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