Applications blocked from accessing files

FS Protection is concerned that "OAWrapper.exe" and "printfilterpipelinesvc.exe" are trying to alter and/or access my files. No further information about this specific situation is provided, which may cause concern to someone who doesn't know that OAWrapper.exe is part of Nvidia's Geforce Experience and is supposed to check and update files, and the second file is associated with Microsoft Print to PDF and disallowing it prevents the PDF from being created.


As far as I, and subsequent scans for malware, can tell, neither one is actual malware.


I'm running FS Protection 209 on Windows 10.



  • FS Protection also blocks WINRAR when I try to extract file on desktop
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    Sorry for my reply. I'm also only F-Secure user.


    Did you mean that it is known situation that recent FS Protection 209 received fresh feature "Application control / Ransomware protection"?

    And some of folders are protected by default (pictures/videos/music/desktop).


    So, except noted example with WinRAR -> does it happened with default configuration?

    If yes -> I'm also with experience about some 'false positive' notifications (but more often with my own configuration only); While with default configuration -> there was some specific situations when ONLY certain steps will provoke notifications (for example, certain file with certain directory by certain application with certain steps).


    Also, as my own feedback -> I'm also think that notification with not enough view for decision (but I found that there are some steps to find more information). Just because it is technology preview -> maybe there will be some changes (?!).



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    Which WinRAR version have you seen this with? I could not repro this myself with a quick test. Please create a bug report of this, and of all the other such cases.

    Thanks, Urmas
  • Same happened with ScreenToGif 2.12 portable while I ran it straight from archive and tried to export recording to desktop. Made bug report.
  • HI, it is called winRAR review version, I have already sent a bug report to support last friday.

    Infact, there are also some softwares blocked by ransomware protection when I tried to save the current works, like LTspice, Dev-c++, matlab, Target 3001! V19 discover.

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    same here for a few differents apps which I know to be safe, I simply authorize them when it happens, nothing to fuss about.

  • While I agree with you, it's still troublesome for general user. If users needs to allow numerous programs, who says he/she will not allow malware as it's too common popup?


    My 2 cents :)

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