How can I detete my child's user on my f safe


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    I think that for proper advice -> good to receive more information.


    ->> Do you want to remove/delete previously created kid's profile?

    ->> Or do you want to switch kid's profile to main profile or to another profile?


    For example,

    First one concern -> should be possible to do with steps like:

    - login into My F-Secure Account portal ( ); as main account.

    - switch to and choose 'circle' with kid's profile picture (or to choose certain kid's profile).

    It should be possible to delete it with steps like -> when you 'choose' kid's profile circle: "Settings"-tab -- "Remove this child profile"-option; It will remove entire kid's profile and its installations;

    Also, possible to remove only certain licence-installation with such kid's profile 'in use'. 

    Under 'cirlce' should be visible active/inactive installation. It is possible to choose each one; where for each one should be visible option ""Release license"".


    Second one concern -> installation should be with button/places like "Switch profile" under main user interface (locally; with application). Such button will trigger "Login form" and further instructions.


    Does it possible to clarify your inquiry?


    And sorry for my worst explanation. I'm also only F-Secure user (their home solutions). Most likely some other experienced users will suggest something else with more good view!



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