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starting this year VPN is no more recognising set up area. Is it a problem with my settings or new release bug? Problem occurs same time on two different devices.


Any tips?


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    Sorry for my reply. I'm only F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    And sorry that it is maybe not known for me (only).

    But what did you mean by "set up area"-point? Does it page, settings or something else?

    Also, maybe it is good to know platform (Windows, Mac, Android or iOS)?


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    Hi, thank you for quick answer.


    I was thinking about set up localisation.


    I'm using computer and mobile for entertainment abroad and using FreedomVPN already 2 years always with same localisation set: Warsaw, Poland. It gave me chance to watch VOD platforms abroad.


    Now VOD platform is recognizing that I'm abroad and blocking most of contents or access at all (Showmax).


    As I experienced same problem on Win and Android same time I suppose the problem is on VPN side.


    Any suggestions?


    Thanx in advance!



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    Thanks for your clarification.

    I see.


    Just like repeat-words -> I'm also only F-Secure user (their home solutions); So, it is only unofficial suggestion.


    How I can to think -> there is next situation:


    ->> You choose certain 'set' (city/country) under list of available Freedome virtual locations.

    Like your example. Maybe it is related with your real location (like if then you want to get access to your local VOD platforms). Or it is unrelated to your real location; but enough for accessing your favourite VOD platforms.


    ->> Then you connect to this virtual location (Freedome is ON).

    And these services will restrict your access.

    Just like as clarification -> does platform created such prompts or notifications about?


    Potentially, it is likely situation. For me -> also sounds as VPN-side trouble. But with not full meanings.


    For example, it is not a direct Freedome VPN trouble -> but certain services tried to detect VPN-connections (or even detect difference between your virtual IP and your system's or browser's configuration; For example, difference between expected time-zone based on IP and real time-zone on your system; Or many other tricks). It may be generic 'restriction' against all kinds of solutions like Proxy, VPN or other.

    Such situation maybe based on services' Terms or Rules -> like if they are tried to prevent some 'unexpected' situation and block proxies/VPN and related solutions.


    It is unclear for me why some companies want to do that. Does they tried to hide certain content (because it is fake content for only local area); or does they tried to protect content based on author's feelings; or does they tried to prevent knowledge about difference prices or promos for different locations. OR something else. I'm not really friendly with VOD platforms and not sure how it works.


    Sorry for my long reply. There was such discussion about (which maybe are related to your situation):

    Where was some suggestions and some official clarification.


    My own feelings -> maybe with some situations it is possible to contact service/platform about request to allow VPN-users to use their website (with good reasons).

    Also, maybe it is indeed possible to tweak VPN solution for being more undetectable as VPN-solution. But probably it is tricky design.


    With your own steps -> maybe it is possible to try switch virtual location to another 'set'. Maybe it is situation only with certain one. If it is popular 'set' (city/country) for Freedome users -> VOD platform may think that there is strange situation (many different users tries to use service from one location).



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