Freedome causes my Geforce 1080 to downlock the GPU clock

ugli Posts: 1 New Member

I lately noticed that my usual overclocks don't work as they should or used to.

I can get a stable OC to about 2050/5000 that I've used for months. I use MSI afterburner for OC.

Then one day I noticed that the GPU clock was stuck at maximum at 1683. It downclocked to idle and when I get to full load it rises to 1683. I was really confused about this and restarted my computer.

The clocks went back to the 2050/5000. But then I noticed that when I started Freedome the GPU clock immediately went back to 1683. When I quit the application the clocks go back to normal in less than a second.

I've seen this behaviour on 3 different drivers and this happens like clockwork everytime I boot the Freedome application. I can see from task manager that the Freedome app uses 3D acceleration, but this is the only clue I have. I dunno why this happends. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Asus Z87-A
Intel i5-4670K
MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X+ with latest Gameready drivers, having the same problem with previous 2 gameready drivers.
Windows 10 Pro, all updates installed.

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