Macbook reformatted now says license is in use

Dear F-secure users and admins,



I have two licenses. One for my laptop and one for my girlfriends macbook. I had to reformat the macbook.


Afterwards upon login in says the license is in use. How can i reinstall f-secure safe and use the license that was in use on that same macbook.




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    I think that if you do not see 'device/installation' (which are connected to Mac device) -> so licence is released already.

    Otherwise it is unclear topic-name ("""now says license is in use""").


    Then common steps to install F-Secure SAFE for Mac should be valid:

    Additionally, if all licences are used -> F-Secure SAFE should ask about release/re-use unused licences during installation (if there are some troubles).


    Also, with any of meanings -> it is good option to contact their official direct Support Channels (chat as example):

    Support Agents with abilities to provide certified investigation about potential 'stuck licences' and with abilities to provide further advice.




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