F-Secure browsing protection on Firefox breaks tab restoring


The F-Secure browsing protection add-on on Firefox breaks "lazy tab loading".


And by lazy tab loading I mean, when you have set your browser so it resores you previous session on startup, but it only loads the tab you are on and not the rest in the backround.


And the F-Secure add-on right now is breaking this. So with the add-on the browser loads ALL of the pages and this extremily annoying, because it takes longer for start up and YouTube or any videos will start to autoplay in the backround.


Can someone fix this?


I'm using the latest version of Firefox (58.0 64-bit) and from my testing, this problem doesn't appear to be on Chrome.


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    Sorry for my reply. I'm only F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    Just as my feedback:


    -> I tried with F-Secure Internet Security and with latest Firefox / Google Chrome.


    With my experience -> with Firefox and enabled BP-extension -> indeed all tabs are accessed  during browser launch (like Firefox MAYBE did some connections or 'retrieved' domain addresses; as result -> F-Secure BP extension MAYBE will check such connection/URLs and Firefox start to think that there is access by user -> and refresh all tabs).

    With disabled BP-extension -> looks like that 'lazy tab loading' normally work.


    With Google Chrome -> I did not find (or did not try to find it) 'lazy tab loading' ability -> but launch with previously opened tabs will trigger loading all tabs. Even if BP-extension is disabled. Maybe I did not set up Google Chrome for 'lazy tab loading' (and they are loading fully; as result -> F-Secure detect/check such network connections always).


    Sounds that such trouble is discussed under community already.

    If there will be delay with official attention or clarification -> maybe it is good to contact their direct Support Channels (chat as example):




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    Hello Anto,


    I have brought this post to the SAFE team's table. They are looking into this to investigate further.


    Thanks to you for bringing this up!

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    I'm also experiencing this issue, if it helps I'm using the LoadTabOnSelect addon for Firefox and I have the "browser.sessionstore.restore_pinned_tabs_on_demand" variable set to True in my FF's config, which combined (iirc) make it so that Firefox doesn't load every one of some 200 tabs I have open at once but only when I click on a tab or switch to it. Which works fine except for the FS plugin breaking it when enabled. Please fix it, I know I'm a browser tab slob (yes I know bookmarks is a thing that exists) but I wouldn't want FF to load every tab even if I only kept 10 tabs, and this works for me.


    Edit: It appears to have been "fixed"! (parentheses because with the enormous complexity of the browsing ecosystem it can hardly have been called a bug at all). Enabling the BP addon doesn't seem to cause firefox to load all tabs. Thank you so much, now I can browse with some ease of mind again.

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