cannot log in

I registered with fsecure - tried to log in and get the wheel of doom - yesterday and today. I have tried ringing but no-one available?



  • Ukko
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    At least, it was possible to login with community.

    Does it possible to add more information:


    ->> Did you register account there (?):

    if yes ->  with your mail-address and password for portal -> not possible to login?

    if yes -> and mail-address is known for you -> maybe possible to try "Forget password" functionality -> does it trigger letter to your mail-address?


    ->> OR "all OK" with account credentials -> but login into the portal with broken result?


    ->> Does it certain F-Secure solution (F-Secure SAFE or F-Secure TOTAL)?

    Or does 'registered with F-Secure' is kind of subscription-purchase? If so -> maybe there is no needs to log in (with some of solutions like F-Secure KEY or F-Secure Freeedome).



  • mike000000
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    thanks for reply

    I am now logged in and waiting for fsecure to update details re virginmedia

    thanks again

  • Ukko
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    Just as some additional words.


    With Virgin Media maybe required to register account with certain page (URL). How it was noted with such topic (for example):


    And if there will be some troubles with account (credentials, subscription or so) -> maybe it is good to contact F-Secure Support Channels (like chat or phone):


    Because, usually, it will be about (or needed) potential critical data (and based on privacy points -> more helpful to use designed channels).



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