How to create custom scan

If I have four disks in my system, and I only want to scan two of them on regular (scheduled) basis. How do I do that?

And if I just want to scan specific files?

Ideas, someone?


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    Dunf wrote:

    If I have four disks in my system, and I only want to scan two of them on regular (scheduled) basis. How do I do that?
    And if I just want to scan specific files?
    Ideas, someone?



    Sorry for my reply. I'm only F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    Concerned scanning specific files or some of disks -> should be possible to use "Context scan" (rightclick for chosen files/drives and to choose F-Secure "Scan"-string).


    What about scheduled basis for certain files/folders only -> I'm not sure that there is available any designed steps, currently. Maybe it is possible by some of own workarounds and tricks.. but does it needed to scan certain files/folders on scheduled/regular basis too much often (and if not often -> maybe good to scan entire system anyway; if not needed to scan some files or folders - maybe possible to use exclusion list at the time)?!



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    Thank you for your answer.

    My problem is that I have two disks with more than 1.500.000 files each that not need to be scanned on regular basis. I just want to scan the other two disks and maybe just some folders on them

    The only option that I can find is to scan from explorer, but I also want to exclude specific files from the scan and schedule it. It seems stupid and waste of time and performance to scan a lot of extra files and disks.

    I cant even find the options to set the actions when a virus or a suspected file is found.
    It seems like this product is just for simple scans without the ability to modify the scan options.

    Seems like I bought the wrong product / brand or it could be just me whos stupid and cant find how to configure it.

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    Trouble and concern are clear.


    There was some abilities to manually (practically 'hacktweak') configure scheduled scan with command-line scanner (practically as scheduled scan - but with your own tweaks). But, for example, it is not a designed steps; also, I not sure does it still possible with recent F-Secure builds or not (I did not try it).


    Just like my own unofficial feelings:

    -> but what kind of 'regular basis" there? Daily, weekly, monthly or more?

    For example, maybe it can be not reasoned to scan as scheduled/regular basis at all?

    And -> just as potential workaround -> when required to perform Full Scan (or full scheduled scan) -> possible to exclude certain files/drives with Exclusion lists (if will be not needed to check full system).


    -> indeed options like 'to set actions when a malicious or suspicious files are found' is switched to autodecision with recent F-Secure Home solutions.

    Basically, F-Secure is pretty customisable and with a lot of potential tweaks to its configuration (and modification for scanning rules) - but for most of situations and common situations -> should be enough common sense and default view. And F-Secure solutions design is switched to less visible configuration and with most concentration about "enough high security level options as default"


    // later added by the way -> most of next words are about Real-time scanning; While with manual scanning -> it should ask about 'available' decision option after scan. Usually, it can be like "Quarantine", "Remove", "Clean", "Skip" for each detected item (optionally). For detected items inside zipped/packed files -> maybe only "skip" option. And so on.


    For example, when malicious file is detected -> why it needed to ?! not quarantine it (or not to remove)?

    Potential reason is false positive detection. Quite likely situation (but it should not be like that -> with good design -> should be too much small count of false positives). And default action is Quarantine (or remove) malicious file (or block - if not possible to quarantine); then it possible to unquarantine detected file (if it was wrong detection). Even maybe it is not always work (and with certain situations -> file is removed only).

    With suspicious files (PUA/PUP) -> there on-the-fly ability to exclude item from scanning.

    Potentially, yes, it sounds that "strange, not possible to modify scan options" -> but I feel that with most of situations -> it will increase performance and security.


    For example, I'm also able to think that some of things still can be configurable (not like current autodecision with default action as pre-configured); But, for example, some of other security solutions did strange design with points like: options to detect or not detect certain types of malware. Like if someone want to say "Yes, do protect system against malicious files... but... OK... let's ransomware to play with system" -> sounds strange. Except potential 'testing'-reasons (but if so -> if it is testing as research malware -> maybe other tools are needed; if testing for detection rate -> maybe good to check full abilities of solution).  If potential false positives are reason -> but... it is unclear situation (why do not tweak scanner and detection-rules - if there is too much false positives).


    Anyway, with your own feelings -> what kind of options to set the actions are needed to you? What it should be? "Ask me with each detection"?


    Sorry for my suggestion and discussion. It was just tries to think does it possible to perform any other workarounds or needed to find a way to tweak F-Secure solution. Also, good if there will be official response from F-Secure team about some of points.



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