Putting participation in beta program (FS Protection) on hold


About the same day I got signed as beta tester for FS Protection for Mac (and iOS) I received an offer from my ISP (Comhem) that gave me three free months of F-Secure SAFE (their version of it is called Trygg Surf) which I signed up for. I would like to test out their version for three months now that I have the opportunity (I havn't used F-Secure SAFE before as I used to have Bitdefender, but since I started using XFence I would like to transition to F-Secure as my AV too) and then try out FS Protection. But I read that I run the risk of losing my spot as beta tester for FS Protection if I'm idle and don't submit bug reports. Is it possible for me to keep my spot as beta tester during the time I'm using F-Secure SAFE?


Also, right now I'm having the same problem as I've noted some others also have with getting SAFE properly updated on High Sierra. I've tried out the solutions given by F-Secure employees, but none of them has worked out so far (reinstalling with all other security programs turned off, and I've also made sure the program is in the menu of Login Items in pref-pane). I'm wondering if this might be solved for FS Protection, so maybe if I don't get it to work I might just jump on the beta testing right away?


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    *edit #2* I saw now that this post is about the Business-version and not the Home-version (which I assume I'm using) but as I've seen similar posts about the home version I guess it applies to the business version too? 🤔


    I have F-Secure SAFE through my ISP (Comhem). The service is called Trygg Surf (Safe Surf in english). The client that comes with the installer is of version 16.1 (I don't know if it's SAFEs version number or if it's their own) and it's still not working. I've tried the solutions that has been advised, like reinstalling (and turning off all other security options on my computer [except SIP ofcourse] while reinstalling) and making sure the program is part of the Login Items.


    *edit* The database gets updated as usual (2018-01-23_2 as of now) but the client is not able to update.

    My client says Version 16.1 (15839). The Firefox extentions is also not working as Firefox Quantum considers it Legacy.

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    Sorry for my reply. I'm only F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    Another potential step is to contact your ISP and ask for most recent SAFE build (their branded Trygg Surf).

    Because noted troubles like:

    maybe fixed/changed with SAFE 17.num (based on second knowledgebase article, at least); Your another reply with potential meanings that maybe Trygg Surf, currently, with some of previous stable builds. But maybe your ISP with abilities to offer recent ones too (or, at least, browser extension).


    Also, I able to think that such troubles are fixed with current direct F-Secure stable solution for Mac. And probably with FS Protection (even it with some changes already). So, if it will be not possible to use any workarounds with Trygg Surf for proper work -> maybe FS Protection is good option.





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    Thank you for your reply! Yes, I contacted my ISP earlier today by email about the problem and I know from an answer on another forum that they are aware of the problem. Hopefully they have, as you said, a more recent build they can send me.

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