Windows 10 Virtual Desktops allow my son to bypass time limits


My son has been bypassing the lockdown at bedtime for a number of days and today I found out that he uses the Windows 10 Virtual Desktop feature to do this. If he has something playing in Full Screen mode on a secondary virtual desktop then when the lockdown occurs he can simply press WIN+TAB to switch desktops and this allows him to continue using the laptop without any limits.


Is this a known issue that is going to be fixed or is this something you are unaware of? It really is quite poor that a 9 year old has managed to find a way around a system that is supposed to be effective for children who are older than him.


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    Sorry for my reply. I'm only F-Secure user (their home solutions).

    Partly such concern is discussed there:


    With my own feelings -> it is related view with your experience.  But as my own experience (compared to noted topic and your description) - my steps to 'bypass' were always with kind of limits (so, not a ""using the laptop without any limits""). For example, any(?) system keyboard hotkeys will not work anymore. And some other restrictions (temporary or dynamically). Maybe it is only temporary (did not check it enough time).


    Also, I'm not sure about certain application and steps from your description, but some of my own thoughts:


    -- if it was possible to use "WIN+TAB" and see abilities to switch 'virtual' desktops. It was also possible to close 'lockpage' at all. But I did not try it with restriction type of account (maybe there is some 'protections'). Why it can be critical ability -> because previously (not sure about current view) lockpage was with abilities to stretch to next/another virtual desktop (with certain situations). But it was possible to avoid by creating some of them (since may be useful to show that there is 'still lockpage and all OK');


    -- My own experience about Full Screen mode and some applications (like games can be) - when lockpage is appeared -> there is multiple steps to playaround. With my situation: because application is runned with resized window (compared to system resolution). So, generally there is some of potential steps to 'bypass' lockpage. But with my feelings -> most of them are about 'related' view. And with my experience -> all of them with limitation as 'broken' some system functionality (if there is bypass lockpage). But I'm not sure that your situation and steps also with such view (but one of my tries was also about Virtual Desktops). With some situations - lockpage was not visible at all (before quit from Full Screen mode); and, in general, possible to trigger/switch to another Virtual Desktop with any of situations (not matter what was before lockpage).

    I feel that maybe possible to create another type of steps with more direct result (based on certain specific configuration or setting/background).

    My own feelings -> that this is can be a limitation (not sure if it possible to tweak or not). Additionally, maybe good to talk with kids that certain sleephours or time limits are intended for good reasoned points. And it is not needed to bypass them... except 'just for fun' before sleep (even it can be one-time action). Like if needed some more minutes or hours to play or use system -> IF POSSIBLE -> good to ask you about 'add required count of time" as exclusion today.


    Anyway good to receive any official responses about your topic.



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    Hi ndev2k,


    I have brought this post to the attention of the SAFE team and they are aware of this issue. The SAFE team is working on the improvements.


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