Action centre keeps saying my F Secure is switched off......please help


For the past couple or three days, my Action Center has requested that I turn on Security. Duhhhhhhhhh, it's on, but nothing I can do will convince the silly thing.


I'm about ready to pull my hair out, and uninstall F-Secure. I do not want any viruses to get into my machine


  • Ukko
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    If Unisntall-step is not a option (and then install it; like reinstalation). Maybe good to known some information like:


    ->> Does it F-Secure SAFE or FS Protection indeed?

    ->> Does it Windows?

    ->> Does it possible to re-check that list of updates with installed strings and it is up-to-date (F-Secure tray-picture Rightclick -> Open common settings under appeared menu -> check List of Updates and "Check"-button).


    Also, did you mean that Action Center is F-Secure Action Center (or it is System ones? or F-Secure Main UI)? What the F-Secure Main UI says?



  • Simon
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    An uninstall / reinstall might be the easiest first step. Reboot after each stage. Just checking, do you have any other security software installed?
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    Did you check if defender is disabled  ? 

  • ianorion
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    Hi, does defender need to be off or on, it is off at the moment

  • Simon
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