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Mikko8 Posts: 2 New Member

30 minutes ago I updated Freedome to version 2.10.4980.0 on my Win 10 laptop, and after the update, it doesn't connect to any locations. I turned Freedome off and my Internet connection doesn't work anymore.


I've restarted the computer twice but still no connection.  The computer is connected to wlan and the wlan works as I'm typing this from an another computer. 


  • Mikko8
    Mikko8 Posts: 2 New Member
    Update: uninstalled Freedome and rebooted, still no Internet connection. Resetted network settings, no Internet. Ran Network Troubleshooter, which said DNS server can't be reached. Manually set Google's DNS server ip's to ipv4 settings and now the connections works again. Hope this helps if someone has the same problem.
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