What is "AppVerifierapc.exe"? Avast and F-Secure does not detect this.

(It was found by an other virus scanner)


Google says:

To be honest AppVerifierapc.exe process certainly does only harmful activities to your PC. It provokes abnormal usage of your CPU and reduces its life greatly, it has negative impact on the computer performance. AppVerifierapc.exe process is easy to find via Task Manager. Unfortunately, it is hard to eliminate. The problem is in hidden sources and processes which deflect attention. If you want to try, right-click on it, select the option to show you the file location, and it will lead you to the AppApcVerifier folder. 

The processes AppVerifierapc.exe brings into action wait for your urgent intrusion. Don’t wait until you will be fed up with the large number of advertisements in your browser, even the most patient people give up. Don’t be deceived by non-harmfulness of the messages you see. If they don’t shock you with porn banners, that is not a reason to leave them on your PC. It goes without saying, you mustn’t agree to promote your device with any free utilities they offer. Such tools aim confuse users and disrupt their devices even more. All-in-all, you will get the system infected, and new viruses will penetrate your computer more and more. And general slowness of the processes will take place.


Is "AppVerifierapc.exe" a real threat or just a promotion of sales for a removal program?


  • Jopotuinen
    Jopotuinen Posts: 2 New Member


    Sorry, I dont't have the problem anymore and I don't have a copy of the file.

    I did a sucsee removal by tool


    BR. Jopotuinen



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