FS Protection PC Release 208

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This release contains following applications that combined make the FS Protection PC product:

  • Common Component Framework 3.08.139
  • Antivirus 17.208.118
  • Browsing protection 2.208.7298

Fixed issues:


  • Problem with product updates (SAFE_BUG-02109, CTS-100369)


  • Help pages missing from non-english installations (SAFE_BUG-02098, CTS-100352)
  • Corrections needed in help; Worms, Trojan and Scan Files to Folder (SAFE_BUG-02073, CTS-100298)
  • Fshoster crashed (CTS-100394)
  • Scan Wizard UI issues (SAFE_BUG-02122, CTS-100383)
  • Admin-shield icon visible even though elevation is not required (CTS-100379)
  • Main UI Antivirus tab static circle not visible (CTS-100355)
  • Help localization issues (SAFE_BUG-02073, CTS-100298)

Browsing Protection:

  • IE extension has problems with urls containing non-ascii chars (SAFE_BUG-02089, CTS-100322)

  • Grouped subcategories seen in blockpage (SAFE_BUG-02090, CTS-100332)

  • Unrated vs. uncategorized logic updated for case where user wants to block "Unknown" category (SAFE_BUG-01857,CTS-99698)

  • Blockpage crash fix (CTS-100356)

  • IE crash fix (SAFE_BUG-02101, CTS-100350)

  • Launching Firefox (as a default browser) with a bank as top site triggered banking session (CTS-100403)


  • Lord_Ami
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    Thanks. Smooth upgrade as usual - no restart requested (but I did it anyways).


    You specifically did not mention ransomware shield? It was in initial program-sent changelog. I hope it will be activated soon :)

  • Simon
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    Installed on both Windows 7 and Windows 10 machines without a hitch.


    I've noticed the UI seems to launch much more quickly, but I'm not sure if that's anything to do with the app, or whether it's because I've recently changed my old, and rather full, hard drive for a new SSD drive, which now has plenty of space on it.


    Just one other comment - this is the only place I've seen snow this year!  Smiley Very Happy

  • yeoldfart
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  • Lord_Ami
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    Seems ransomware protection is enabled :)



  • Simon
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    Well spotted! I've not seen that message.
  • Ukko
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    Probably it comes today only (with one of updates). Otherwise -> I also did not notice any notification about any of applications (and settings menu changes). :)


    Then -> when I read this topic -> I did 'baggy' configuration and it was possible to see pretty much prompts.

    Sounds cool -> but maybe it may be useful to receive some more information like:

    • which ones files was attempted to be modified;
    • what is modification (delete, modify, move or just access);

    and some ask-words to clarify:

    • allow-button is allowing this certain application, but is it possible to allow access to certain files only (?);
    • description with words that "Unknown" applications will be restricted with tries to access. But does it indeed only unknown applications?

    Sorry for my feedback.




  • [Deleted User]
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    Dear beta-users,


    as you have noticed, ransomware protection is enabled, but a bit too soon. We will release TP209 today and it is possible, that issues you have seen so far does not exist anymore in TP209.
    As much as we love to have feedback from you, please be patient a little while more. Also would you be so kind to doublecheck all findings in TP209, thank you :)




  • yeoldfart
    yeoldfart Posts: 556 Superuser


    clean installed today with all bells and whistles, works fine

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