Program start (in general) VERY slow on Windows 10


I am experiencing a "slowness" in the system, peaking seemingly at random. Sometimes it's totally fine, other times it's really bad. Starting any application (e.g. notepad++) it takes several seconds before I even see any reaction at all from Windows. The CPU or the memory consumption is not peaking or anything like that, it is just that any application start-up is very, very slow.


This is totally unacceptable since it basically renders the computer useless. Before realising the problem have to do with f-secure, I tried rebooting the computer or restarting explorer.exe which seemed to help - but it turned out that it was more of the random nature of the problem that made it look this way. Turning off all f-secure services helped in the end.


Please help. I'm currently paying for a product I can't use.


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    Sorry for my reply. I'm only F-Secure user (their home solutions);


    Maybe if help is needed -> good to contact direct F-Secure Support Channels (chat as example):

    Most likely Support Agents are certified to provide remote investigation.


    As my own unofficial feelings or suggestions:


    -> maybe good to know system configuration and hardware.

    -> "" it takes several seconds before"" - does it two-five seconds? Or ten seconds?

    -> temporary freezes or potential overload can be during downloading and installing main F-Secure engine databases (Aquarius core). It will trigger, at least, drive usage maybe.


    // later added: also, possible to try re-check situation with not fully disabled F-Secure services. But, for example, to disable/off only real-time scanning (Main UI -- Settings -- Real-time-scanning Tab switch to OFF);

    And just as potential another strange suggestion -> re-check does it 'delay' with disabled and enabled Network Connection; Or, for example, with disabled state (Network Connection to Internet is not available) -> applications are opened more briefly?!;



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    Has this only recently started happening, and did you have F-Secure installed for a period without it happening? Further, do you have any other security software installed on the machine? It's possible that this could be a symptom of some sort of conflict with other software.
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    Yes, maybe I should try the link, thanks.


    It is very difficult to test when it happens and when it's not, since it is seemingly random - i.e. I don't know when it happens and can thus not tell if a certain action is actually doing any good or if it is just a coinsidence that it works.

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    I haven't used F-Secure for a long time, so that would be recently. No other security or scanning software, I double-checked that Windows Defender was disabled by the F-Secure installer.

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