Android / Mac app and browser connection issues; UK mostly.

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I have been using FreeDome for over a year, I have it installed on my phone (s8+) and Macbook. 


I tend to connect to servers in the country I am in, typicly this is the UK. I am finding from time to time that some apps on my phone will not connect, these are banking apps, if I turn off freedom they work (Or bypass VPN for app), however I want more protection when banking not less. 


If I switch the VPN to another country (Germany) then it connects fine. This is not a major issue and does not happen all the time.


Also when using my mac I am finding that some websites will not allow me to connect when they are protected with Capture or Cloudflair sating my browser is behaving oddly, I assume they think I am bot or not human or they know I am using a proxy. 


Anyone else experencing simular issues?

What can I collect to report back to F-Secure to help make Freedoom better?







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    Hi L0wR1d3r,


    Regarding the cloudflare and Freedome issue, we have seen reports before as seen here. May I know in which location selected, do you receive these captchas?


    For the phone, does the banking apps show any error message? As you have mentioned, do you see this issue only when you select UK and also randomly?

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    Thanks for the link, sounds like I have the same issue. The Cloudflare issue I notice the most is NZ, atleast the fqdn is .nz however could be hosted anywhere. I have installed the showdan chrome extension and will check it when I visit next.



    The banking app just tends to timeout, no error just the spinny disk of doom. Next time is happens I will leave it until is produces an error. I normaly kill it after 60 seconds of waiting. 




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