F Secure freedome app not compatible

Wondering if some one can help me and explain why the F-secure freedome app is not comparable with my device. (HTC One M9) and what if anything I can do to make my device comparable with the app. 

Many thanks for any help.


  • This smartphone HTC One M9 runs Android-operating system with HTC Sense UI.
    Could this be the reason?
    Freedome-application works fine with basic Android.

    I hope, that this gives understanding, at least.
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    Hi Moore_bhp,


    May I know if you got any error message about the incompatibility? How did you know about it?


    What is the OS of your device? Please refer here for the list of supported OS for Freedome.


  • Hi I have Android 7.0 someone has mentioned about the HTC Sense software being the issue but I don't know how to remove it and if it will cause problems if removed. 

    There is no guidance on how to overcome the issue. My employer wishes me to have this software / app for me to work overseas, so I really need to install this app. 

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    Hi Moore_bhp,


    May I know where did you find about this issue with HTC sense? Have you tried to install Freedome on your phone? Did you have any issue during the installation?


  • More information:


    Also on www.htc.com

  • Would I be able to remove HTC sense without messing up the phone? Also would this allow installation of F-secure freedome app. 

  • I don't know. This smartphone is unknown to me. I found out, that HTC ONE M9 is not a stock version of Android (Wikipedia).
    Android is an operating system and that means: very important.

  • And one more.

    Text is copy of https://www.androidauthority.com
    HTC Sense has always been one of the more attractive looking user interfaces out there, with a very mature, toned down look. With the HTC 10, the general look and feel of the Sense UI has been retained, but it also feels a lot like stock Android.

    As far as custom interfaces go, this is probably the closest you’ll get to stock Android, but with a different overall aesthetic. This is a much cleaner and slimmed down version of the interface, and areas that HTC used to tamper with, such as the notification shade, settings menu, and Recent Apps screen, have been left alone and kept identical to what is seen with stock Android.
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