Freedome Problems -more of them when looking for remedies

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Problem #1: 

F-Secure considers as a fraudulent website. I do not believe that. Where can I report that ?


Problem #2:

While I was searching for a place to drop that message, I found out that there is no specific place for false positives. This has to be reported thru community chat. Not a real good idea. There should be simply a mail address to report false positives.


Problem #3:

When I try to login to the community chat, I encounter an authorization error. Looks like the server has some hickups with its database. (to be clear: not username/password wrong: auth error, page not found)


Feels odd !!


  • Ukko
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    Not concerning Freedome -> because your situation about general situation with F-Secure solutions.

    There is page (F-Secure SAS) where possible to transfer URL to F-Secure Labs:


    Description for process:


    My own feelings -> that even that page is safe (and currently rated as harmful by F-Secure Security Cloud) -> looks like that noted website based on Wordpress (and usually?! with some plugins or outdated builds -- such platform can be as target for hacking by someone directly or automatically). Or their hosting maybe with some potential troubles (as result, rating based on another clients of hosting; or certain IPs). Or just random false-positive (what  sounds strange indeed).

    F-Secure Labs should create some response about.

    I'm only F-Secure user (their home solutions).

    Not sure about troubles with community (chat?) -> did you mean F-Secure Support Chat? Or this Community pages? If it was with Community pages -> maybe it was partly broken URL for redirect (where login page) or some time-outs.



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