Freedome can't connect to any locations

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A couple of weeks ago Freedome started to fail to get connection to any locations. It will try to connect, tell that it is connected, start again connecting and so on endlessly. I haven't installed e.g. new antivirus sofwares, which could cause problems, and I have checked that Windows firewall allows Freedome to connect.


I have Windows 10 and Avira antivirus in use and previously there has been no problems.




  • Hallanvaara
    Hallanvaara Posts: 2 New Member

    I yet checked that Freedome  stopped to work on 6.1. According to my computer KB4056892 Windows update was installed 5.1. and I was asked to restart computer relating to that 6.1. Perhaps problem has something to do with that update?




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    try with deinstalling the Freedome TAP driver. It automatically reinstalls when you want to connect to a VPN again.

    I have this problem since long time. There are some programms on my PC which have problems with Freedome when there are updates. F-Secure support gave me the tip and I use it since than. 

    So, open the decice manger and go to network adapers, there you find the Fredome TAP driver. Right click on it and seclect deinstall. 

    Next time you want to connect to a VPN it is automatically installed again. In my case I can connect to  VPN within 4 seconds.

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