Freedome does not work in China

After yesterday my Freedome stopped to work in China. Do somebody know what would be the problem ?

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  • Mine too or iPad/iPhone works but Windows doesn´t ???

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     I have the same strange problem since 2 days here in china with win connection to germany or somewhere(only very slow switzerland)but with ios freedome is runnig.where is the problem?

  • Evo1Evo1 Posts: 5
    Thank you for the answer, I know the labeled articles.But I am already since a half year in China and hat no problems here with the connection.Last week, there were 2 updates, once F Secure and also a Windows, since there are these problems here.and the mysterie is that it works with ios.
  • Evo1Evo1 Posts: 5

    Thats the solution? 

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    we have too problems with f secure in China. Last week everything was ok, and connection to Finnland Espoo was succesful.

    Now I can sometimes connect to HongKong...

    If the reason is windows and freedome updates, can someone do something ?


    Best Minna

  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Hi Jemipi and Evo1,


    China is actively blocking all VPNs. It seems that the blocking varies from time to time, and at this time it looks like they’re blocking VPNs more actively than for some time now. VPNs are banned from use in China.

  • After quick inquiry, all other main VPN providers works ???

  • And ios works well with Freedome so your explanation is a bit weak.....

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    It is not only China, Im travelling for work in Iran and my colleague is in Qatar and issue started at same time for us. Some time at Sunday 14th Jan.


    And not able to connect still.



  • Same problem is back, ios (iPhone/iPad) works fine but Windows no ??

  • Evo1Evo1 Posts: 5

    Here the same,iOS works but Windows not... But the problem is „solved.“

    without words,I swapped to vpn express.

  • Me too, but I still would like to see also Freedome working as I paid for it !!!

  • Evo1Evo1 Posts: 5
    I know..the same story here.
  • Hopeless, is it now so, that Freedome is not going to work anymore with Windows ???

    Is Freedome China APPROVED VPN provider ????

    Please comment, thank you.

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