since 3or 4 weeks i have always the same happening if i start my computer - after a few minutes there is a announcement "mailpv.exe" is blocked.... what is "mailpv.exe" - is it safe? 

I use: F-Secure 17.2


thanks alot for your answer.




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    It is good to know some more points:


    ->> Does it blocked with certain prompt? Where can be visible any detection-name or explanation (for example, about potentially unwanted application).

    Also, MAYBE it can be visible directory/path of this file;

    And does it notification (mailpv.exe is blocked) by F-Secure or not?


    ->> I'm not sure about status of this file - except points that it is unknown for you -> most likely that this is unexpected and potentially unsafe application.

    Based on Google Search -> filename "mailpv.exe" (Mail PassView: Password recovery for Outlook, Outlook Express)


    And it is can be as riskware. Potentially, it is possible to use such tool with your own needs. BUT !? it is also can be modified by someone or used with another reasons.


    So, your situations looks like:


    -> your system is loaded.

    -> ?! based on something - mailpv.exe (as potential tool for 'retrieve' passwords from system mail accounts) is launched or active;

    -> F-Secure (does it their notification?) do block such potential riskware.


    There is unclear state of system, but good to run Full Scan (for example) as first try.



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