I get a message in the right hand bottom of my screen (Windows 7) saying that there is a problem.  When I click on the symbol it says "Turn-On F-Secure (Important).  If I click on this to turn it on nothing happens.  If I open the Action Centre it says "F-Secure Safe reports that it is turned off".  If I click on "Turn-on Now" Nothing happens.  If I go to F-Secure and open "Anti-Virus" it says "My Computer is Corrected".   I would insert a screen print if I was allowed to but clicking on Insert/Edit Image doesn't allow me to Insert one but just asks me to complete a table.


I can resolve the problem by re-booting but it happens frequently.




  • Ukko
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    Maybe good to re-check that F-Secure with installed state about updates.

    By rightclick tray-picture (F-Secure) and choose "Check updates" under tray-menu.

    Then check that list with installed-state for all of strings. And then possible to use button "Check" (as trigger manual check for available updates). Good to note about updates date/timestamps.


    I'm also was with experience about unexpected Windows 7 notification about F-Secure state. But I'm not sure that it was too much often.

    AND I able to suspect that such notification can be during overload for system. Maybe good to re-check what if there is pending system updates; or when trouble is happened - does there any other software with active processes or not.


    But.. general advice is to contact direct F-Secure Support Channels for proper investigation:

    at least, when chat is available -> it should be possible to start discussion.



  • JONurmi
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    I have now exactly the same problem. All F-Secure and Windows 7 updates are installed. The problem arised from some recent F-Secure update.

  • Ukko
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    Maybe it is good to contact their direct Support Channels (chat or phone):


    For example, to understand:

    -> does it known trouble (and does it potentially planned to be fixed or fixed internally already);

    -> does Support Agents do able to find a reason for such situation;


    Also, good to re-check that restart system (for example) does not helpful. And it with stable view (even after some tries or minutes/hours of system usage).



  • Droopy
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    I also had this problem with f-secure and windows 7. I told this problem to a forum here in the Nederlands and they make me run some review-tools ans found out in the logfiles that where created that WMI was not running properly and gided me to use a windows repair tool. Tha problem is gone voor the last days now. 

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