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I clicked to open Chrome last night and it went straight to mobile-free-mine-soft.site with a message saying that mobile-free-mine-soft had found a virus on my Samsung Galaxy S6 and I should remove it by pressing "Remove Now". I couldn't remove this message (except see later). I did an anti-virus scan using F-Secure which said my phone was clean. After 5 attempts at closing Chrome and re-starting, I pressed "Removed now" which immediately told me to download "Dr Sweep". I looked this up on another device and it seemed harmless so I downloaded it and it did a scan and cleaned the Cache nothing more but didn't stop me getting the message that I had a virus. I then uninstalled Chrome and re-installed. The problem went away. But what happened and is my phone security compromised. I have searched for "mobile-free-mine-soft" on the Internet but get no results.  I have checked again and F-Secure Safe says my phone is clean.  Having spoken to F-Secure, they have no knowledge of the above URL but say that no damage will have been done to my phone.  They will report this URL as being possibly dangerous but I have no idea how it appeared maybe from hitting a link accidently possibly on Facebook.


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    Sounds like potentially rogue or scam website/service/try. And maybe part of certain campaign or many other 'mirrors' pages.


    Except potential 'safe' result of this experience -> where it was only seo-promotion (or partner's program) for another noted application (but it is not clear - does it was application from Google Play store or not) -->>> possible to re-sure situation by changing your passwords (at leat, for this one services/things - which was accesible from device).


    Maybe it was redirect from some of websites (or hacked websites) to this and it pinned to your Google Chrome browser. Or by any malvertising-tricks.


    Also, did you mean that your experience about discussion with F-Secure is about F-Secure SAS:


    Like if you transferred this URL to their Labs and then received response?


    Sorry for my reply.



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