hi all, 


I just purchased F-Secure Safe and scratched the Activation Code, 

but I have mistakenly scratched the code as well. 


How can I redeem the code, I have the original packaging and serial number. 

Thanks In Advance


  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply. I'm only F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    Not sure that there is any designed steps.

    Probably, good to contact direct F-Secure Support Channels (chat  as example):

    (this is "home_global"-website and with your local F-Secure website can be another status for chat)


    Or maybe if your situation about box(?!) or something else (like not a directly from F-Secure store) -> maybe it possible to ask advice with their channels.



  • Lizette
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    I purchased the F-Secure Safe (card) not box....


    I have downloaded the software, 30-day free trial....


    Now I want to activate my 6-months free subscription. 


    The problem is that when I scratch the card to reveal the  subscription code, some LETTERS are MISSING! 


    How do I get the missing codes? I have sent an email to the Reseller (Intact Security) but they have not replied to my email and I can't call/phone the support line as I do not have access to a telephone. 


    Can anyone assist me with the SUBSCRIPTION CODE?!? 

    I have the original packaging

  • Ukko
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    So, just like the clarification (firstly) and partly repeating my previous reply:

    I'm only F-Secure user - not a F-Secure Staff or someone who is able to handle your licence or subscription things; or even more - my suggestions are unofficial only.


    My previous reply was with broken URL ('space'-character at the end). Smiley Sad

    I think that with such situation good to contact direct F-Secure Support Channels (chat or phone):

    So, it is clear that your card with activation code (voucher) is 'broken'.

    And I feel that ?! with such situation POTENTIALLY F-Secure Support Channels (chat, for example) should be with abilities to advice further.

    For example, if your other purchase information is enough to recover your broken code; or it will be possible to re-place/re-create another activation code (or promocode/voucher) for you.


    As another meanings -> Intact Security maybe will answer (later?!) and explain what to do with this situation.

    Does your trial-time is end already? Or it is still possible to use F-Secure SAFE some trial-days yet?


    Sorry for my worst English.



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