How Do I Re-Join The Beta Projects Under Home Security Beta Programs


Profile Picture.jpgI joined F-Secure SAFE & The Beta Community almost a month ago.  Several days later hackers gained remote access & entered viruses on my primary laptop.  Eventually, - within several days, - I could no longer connect to my Network/Internet.  I've spent the last several weeks, - morning, noon, & night, - working with Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, AOL, & Google, -  constantly troubleshooting possibilities to fix everything, - without having to lose all of my programs, app, & files through factory resets & recoveries.  Two days ago, we finally finished cleaning up all corruption & removing all viruses.  I made it back !!!!!!!!!


However, I couldn't Beta Test anything for several weeks.  And it seems that I lost my membership in the Beta Community.  So I'm ready to re-join & get busy with new tasks.  How should I re-join ???  And I already have F-Secure SAFE.  Do I need to change to the Beta Version ???  Please instruct......Thank you F-Secure......daydude.........


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    I'm not certain, but I don't think your Beta subscription would have been cancelled after just a few weeks of inactivity.


    My suggestion would be to go to the Beta login and see if you can still access your account: https//


    If you can access your account, you will need to download the Beta product, and install it in place of your existing SAFE product. It would be best to uninstall SAFE first, to safeguard against any potential installation issues, then you should be good to go.

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