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how do i remove pop ups like www.pipichannels and adexc.net and speed-open2.com have looked in start up menu

various registry menus


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    @jeff33 wrote:

    the 3 i mention are not the only ones there is adexc they pop up on both chrome and edge  even when i have been on f secure site flling in details  on clicking next to continue what  am doing a  new tab opens with pop up 



    So, I will collect my own unofficial suggestions/feelings:


    ->> good to re-check that your browser's shortcuts with valid properties (rightclick for desktop logo shortcut for browser -> Properties -> check visible lines about potential unexpected additions);

    ->> good to re-check installed applications (System) and browser addons or extensions (Browser); For example, re-check that there are not listed any unwanted or unexpected applications. With extensions -> possible to re-check that it is only valid ones (and not a fake).

    Should be possible to do with Windows Control Panel (or under Settings with Windows 10). And with browser's settings directly (extension/addon pages).

    ->> good to re-check browser's settings about any additions. For example, re-check that home page or new tab (or something else) is not pinned to unexpected URL. Also good to re-check any BHO or other plugins about potential unexpected view. Potentially, there is should be common step to restore browser's settings (but I'm not sure that it is can be valid step -> since some of your own settings will be replaced too).

    ->> you wrote that checked Start Up menu and some registry items, but it is not clear did you check about Task Scheduler. With some of Windows builds -> it will be with another design and potentially is not visible under Start up menu or autorun keys.

    It should be possible to find it... by using something like "Task Scheduler" with Start-menu (with Windows 10 -> possible to start type it and advice with shortcut to Task Scheduler will be visible). If it is not clear how to check Task Scheduler -> maybe good to re-ask.

    ->> it was unclear does Malwarebytes tool detected something? Or result of scan was about clean-state?

    If so -> maybe good to re-check by scanning with some other tools or even with full security software and their Full Scan mode.


    Most likely, that such adware should be with common view and generic suggestions might be valid.

    At least, I feel that good to re-check potential strange installed applications and extensions.

    Because if security software did not detect anything -> maybe it was adware with 'disclaimer' about bundled payload. And partly it was not marked as adware for scanning engines. With such view -> should be possible to uninstall this payload and reset changes for browser's settings (if it was there).


    Because your words about unexpected redirect to new tab with pop-up (even with text-page) -> most likely that there is rogue extension or addon. Because, most likely, it will be with abilities change and modify html on-the-fly. It is also can be hacked previously good extension or addon.


    If it is uncommon situation (or partly uncommon) -> maybe good to re-check hosts-file, your Network Connection settings, DNS-settings and so on. But I feel that security software should to prompted about such changes and tweaks.




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    tried your cleaner and  few others non seem to work

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    Maybe it is possible to clarify some points:


    --> does your noted items (three URLs) and their pop up happened with all browsers? Or with only some of them?

    --> does it happened with browsers only or with system too?


    Most likely, that it should be possible to search web (Google, for example) about this direct url-names and get some results about instructions to clean up / remove pop-ups. But -> good to choose search results carefully too (avoid any other potential strange popups).


    As my own potential generic suggestions:


    --> good to re-check that your security software is installed. Also, if your experience about F-Secure solution -> maybe good to contact direct F-Secure Support Channels for getting their support and maybe investigation (why items were not detected).


    --> possible to re-check things like Browser's shortcuts (for desktop logo) by rightclick and properties (kind of additions to path/keys). maybe some extensions or even installed applications (double check that it is only known and valid ones).


    Good -> if you will back with more information. at least, when and where popups happened.



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    the 3 i mention are not the only ones there is adexc they pop up on both chrome and edge  even when i have been on f secure site flling in details  on clicking next to continue what  am doing a  new tab opens with pop up 

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