To have a possibility to change a database update frequency.

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Dear Sir, Madame.

It would be very useful to have a possibility to change a database update frequency.

Hourly update service takes a lot of resources of computer.

Computer does not work during these hourly updates  (~15-20 min). There is no sense to use compure at all if it does not work properly.

Why not to update database during the night or lunch time (for example), when these periods can be scheduled by user (user's risk)?


With best regards


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    Sorry for my reply. I'm only F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    But does it indeed with such view?

    For example, "Hourly update service takes a lot of resources of computer." is about what kind of resource usage?


    With my own experience and my feelings:

    -- it is only hourly check updates (like ?! sent and received response from their server);

    -- then if updates (any) are available - will be downloading and installing them.

    -- for example, most likely that hourly updates will be available only for some of AV-engines (Aquarius or Hydra, for example);

    -- Aquarius as main engine (signature-based generally) indeed take some resources and create potential impact (drive usage?!). B

    UT based on its on-the-fly design -> only small portions should be updated.


    And with my own feeling -> that if it will be later (for example, downloading and installing all updates after ten hours -> it will take much more resources and visible impact per one time than all potential hourly updates installed at the time of their availability).


    With downloading/installing other updates -> not so critical impact.


    Maybe if your experience with stable stuck (fifteen minutes?!) each hour -> maybe good to contact F-Secure Support?! Because it sounds as unexpected view.



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    After switching from Aquarius to Capricorn, the database sizes went from megabytes to kilobytes. You don't notice anymore when a new update arrives and installs.


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