F-Secure SAFE and KB4056892

F-Secure SAFE and KB4056892

Using F-Secure SAFE on Windows 10 Pro (v. 1709); MS released the KB4056892 critical security update  which fixes the Intel CPU Problem. 


MS adviced asking the Antivirus manufacturer to ensure that there aren't any compatibility problems. 

Are there issues? Or am I safe to update?



  • Ben - can you make this information more widely available? I looked at:


    F-Secure Twitter - nothing

    F-Secure Facebook - nothing

    blog.fsecure.com - nothing





  • F-Secure SAFE just got the update and KB4056892 started downloading after that.

  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    As some of you noticed an update has been published for SAFE PC 17 (and onwards).  You can check  your SAFE version through the question mark and About or by following  this article


    This update sets the registry key associated with Windows Update KB4056892. We estimate that fixes for legacy/older products will be published tomorrow.

  • Joris
    Joris Posts: 1

    I have updated my ISP operater supplied F-secure Anti Virus product but no Windows 10 update is made available up until now. I suspect this sub-branded F-secure product isn't updated with the latest sollution to Spectre and Meltdown-compatitbility yet. Can you investigate this? The product is called "KPN Veilig", where KPN is a large ISP in The Netherlands.

  • I did receive the windows update after the SAFE update...

  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    A fix for older versions has been released this morning.


    Below is some complementary information on how to check that you have receive the update properly.


    For the current versions (SAFE version 17 onward), the method by which you can access the version information is:

    1. In System Tray, right click on the product icon, click “Open common settings”.
    2. Confirm that  “F-Secure Ultralight Core Update” version  2018-01-04_01 or higher is installed.


    For legacy versions (SAFE 16.5 and below)

    1. In System Tray, right click on the product icon, click “Open common settings”.
    2. Confirm that  “Scanning Platform 1000” version 2018-01-04_04 or higher is installed
  • Xzenor
    Xzenor Posts: 1

    Since there are no dates on this forum I have no idea when tonight or tomorrow is..


    Edit: Nevermind.. I was so focussed on a date and time that I completely missed the 'Thursday'....

  • The ziggo rebranded version doesnt seem to get the correct update either

  • john6655
    john6655 Posts: 1

    I also used F-Secure for my windows 8 pc. From Contact Arlo support, I buy this antivirus for my laptop. From there I also read that these are not a big problem. You can read the latest update and problems from there.

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