F-Secure Freedome and https 443 port open. WHY?



I have a quite new IPad air2 with F-SECURE FREEDOM.

When Freedom is turned off and i run ShieldsUP  all ports seems too have the right status.

But when F-Secure Freedom is turned on and i run ShieldsUP then i get the information that the port https/443 is open. 

Why is it like this?

In our PC with Windows 7 we have had a "virus" named pup.optional.apntoolbar.gen which is developed by professional hackkers.


If someone have an iPad or  iPhone with the F-secure Freedome VPN, it would be interresting to know If you get the same information  as me on the website ShieldsUP, when F-Secure Freedom is in turned on position.


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    Hello Pettersranch, 


    The port 443 is on our servers as it is against what you run ShieldsUP once you are connected to Freedome. So the port is not at risk on you Ipad.


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