F-Secure Freedome and https 443 port open. WHY?



I have a quite new IPad air2 with F-SECURE FREEDOM.

When Freedom is turned off and i run ShieldsUP  all ports seems too have the right status.

But when F-Secure Freedom is turned on and i run ShieldsUP then i get the information that the port https/443 is open. 

Why is it like this?

In our PC with Windows 7 we have had a "virus" named pup.optional.apntoolbar.gen which is developed by professional hackkers.


If someone have an iPad or  iPhone with the F-secure Freedome VPN, it would be interresting to know If you get the same information  as me on the website ShieldsUP, when F-Secure Freedom is in turned on position.


Best Regards



  • Thank you verk much for the information.


    Regards Pettersranch

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