Cleverbridge: the weak link

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I cannot believe that in in 2017 -- 2018 come tomorrow -- I'm reduced again to paying Cleverbridge by money order, rather than electronic means. After failed attempts to pay by credit card, I called my card company to clear the next purchase attempt. They saw no failed prior attempts. (The subsequent attempt also failed, and the card company never saw that attempt, either.)


When trying to pay via PayPal, the Cleverbridge site never redirects to PayPal. Like clockwork, the Cleverbridge "payment not authorized" message follows their "payment information" email.


Years after my first purchase of Freedome, Cleverbridge still is the weak point in the F-Secure sales process. Calling Cleverbridge a "payment system" is like calling the telegraph a "high-speed communications network":  this is technically true but glosses over a few limitations.


I'll also note that I tried to post essentially this content into the Survio window which popped from  the purchase page. There was no way to submit the survey, so that feedback method was unavailable.


I've encountered precisely this problem before, dating back to my first attempt to purchase Freedome. I urge F-Secure to find a more reliable provider.


  • DanielG
    DanielG Posts: 2 New Member

    I'm going with NordVPN for 2018. I'd rather stay with Freedome, and I will try to purchase again when my NordVPN subscription ends.

  • [Deleted User]
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    Hello DanielG, 


    Thank you for your feedback. We are aware of some similar problem with credit card limitation to some countries especially in the Nordics. We are investigating how to workaround this and bring a better experience to our customers. 

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