I’m just texting. What is the 213mb of traffic protected mean?

Hi, sorry if this is a silly question. I’m completely new to this. I don’t have safari running. I’m just texting. Downloaded this after a security site said to if one was concerned they may have spyware. So I have just been texting and sending photos. My “Traffic Protected” is at 213mb. I can watch it go up with every text I send. Is this normal, what the app is supposed to do? Thanks for helping a newbie! 


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    Hello blue1, 


    Could you tell us a bit more what kind of Operating system your phone is using?
    Do you send the pictures via MMS or via emails?

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    Hello Ben, Thank you for your reply and forgive me if this posts twice- I really am a newbie to VPNs and forums. I’m using an iPhone 8 running iOS 11.2.1. I use iMessage to send texts. I do surf the web a bit- maybe an hour or so a day. I send and receive three to four emails a day, tops.  No photos sent through email. I primarily use my phone to take photos and to text. On Freedome, the Traffic Protected, is now at 16.02 GB. Thank you again for your help. I greatly appreciate it. 

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    Hi Ben. Me again. Wanted to fix a mistake in my post. Meant to say I surf the web a bit and talk on the phone/or FaceTime for an hour or so a day. Sorry for this extra post. 

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    Hello Blue1, 


    All you mentioned is going through Freedome and is therefore considered protected traffic. 

    The values are therefore not out of the ordinary.

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