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Had F-Secure Safe (version 17.2) and Freedome (version 2.6.4914.0) installed for quite some time now.

For some specific reasons I had to disable Freedome about a week ago and ever since, I am facing a strange problem: Team Viewer will not properly run (application launces, however, It constantly displays a message 'Not Ready - Check your Internet Connection) and also, Teamviewer's web page cannot be displayed.

If I re-enable Freedome, everything is working fine (both Teamviewer works properly, and also webslite pages are accessed). Disable it and, again, same issues.

Also tried to uninstall Freedome, but the same results.

Any suggestions please?



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    So, if your ask is potentially concerned F-Secure SAFE in fact:


    ->> Maybe possible to try disable next feature:

    something like: open F-Secure SAFE main user interface -> "Settings" from AV-tab -> switch to 'Firewall'-tab of settings -> uncheck option "Do not allow applications to download harmful files."


    And re-check if trouble with TeamViewer will be still valid;

    But sorry if understand your ask wrongly. I confused by words that all works when Freedome is enabled. Maybe required just to re-check your own system firewall or main network (adapter?!) configuration.

    Since sounds as -> all work good with Freedome; but does not work with disabled Freedome.


    And potential stuckpoints are 'F-Secure SAFE' or 'system/network configuration for main adapter' (or any other restrictions based on ISP, something as proxies or so).




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    Many thanks for taking the time to reply.


    I may not have given a clrearer picture of my problem, so allow me to to do so now.

    The problem that I am facing has to do with Freedome (v. 2.6.4914.) and Teamviewer (v.12) co existing on my PC (Runing W10 Pro).

    When Freedome protection is set to 'OFF', then Teamviewer cannot connect to any client I need to (I keep on receiving an error message: "Not Ready. Check your Internet connection").

    As soon as I set Freedome's protection set to 'ON', Teamviewer is ready to connect with no problems at all.


    As I do not wish to keep using Freedome (it is giving me some other issues that managed to resolve them simply by setting protection to 'OFF'), I have to use it because the only way to be able to connect with Teamviewer is to have it on 'ON', so my question really is how do I manage to stop Freedome preventing TeamViewer to work as it was before I had Freedome installed.


    Hope this is clearer now,



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    Thanks for your clarification. And sorry for my replies (I'm only F-Secure user).


    Based on your description -> maybe good to try steps like:


    --> contact direct F-Secure Support Channels:

    --> OR Teamviewer Support.


    My own feelings about your experience:


    -- when Freedome is disabled (VPN-connection) and with OFF status; or even.. if application is closed (from tray): unclear - why Teamviewer  with troubles.

    More sounds as another software will break it (F-Secure SAFE, for example). And it was my previous suggestion.


    -- but because your words about good experience when Freedome is ON (VPN-connection).

    Maybe something wrong with your main network adapter. When Freedome is enabled -> their Freedome TAP driver is active.

    When Freedome is disabled -> your main network connection with certain network adapter. Maybe possibe to see/check configuration of it. Or Windows Firewall settings. But not sure why it start be with broken design (?!) - if started, of course;


    Basically, "Not Ready. Check your Internet connection" is about such meanings too. But it's can be about ?! so many potential reasons. And maybe good to contact Teamviewer Support or F-Secure Support for proper investigation.

    Also - I'm not friendly with Teamviewer - but does it possible to check more -> not possible to use Teamviewer at all (or with certain?! remote destinations). Your words about "cannot connect to any client I need to" (but does it possible to connect to any?!).




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