Display of content does not longer reflect my freedome country selection

pcuser1 Posts: 1 New Member

When I started freedome a few months ago I tested different country selections to protect my privacy. The first few weeks it worked perfectly as I was always shown pages in the respective language and related country content. But since a few days this feature does not seem to work any longer, e.g. I choose NL or FN (or whatever) but I always receive GERMAN frontpage and other sites. What has happened? Is my privacy still protected?? Does anyone else within the community face similar problems?


  • NatV
    NatV Posts: 19 Enthusiast

    I noticed the same thing on my PC after I got win10.  In windows there is a setting for country and it specifically states that windows or apps may use this parameter to present local content. 


    The VPN protects your data traffic, but it does not prevent apps from reading your settings and using them. I was surprised and uneasy, too.




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