Freedome VPN white window instead of GUI with windows 7

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As I have seen in other messages, I have installed Freedome VPN. 


The trial version worked but I always got a white window instead of the GUI it should display.


I had bought a license, but with no GUI, impossible to enter the key and extend the  membership.


I have come tu use Freedome VPN because I had heard good feedbacks about the product, but I can not use it.


I have seen other people in the forum with the same issue but no answer was ever given in public, only in private, what is the point of concealing a solution that could be useful for evrybody ?


Thank you for your answers.




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    This type of error is usually due to old hardware(its drivers). You could try to update the graphic card driver. If that doesn't help please contact support as we have a tool to help in such case. Because the tool might have side effects we prefer to have it provided by our support on request only. 



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    Thank you for your answer.


    I have a DELL Inspiron 1545 and the latest drivers available from them are from 2009 so I can not upgrade them.



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