I am being slowed by "GOTCHA" checks, I have to keep completeing screen test,

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I am being slowed by "GOTCHA" checks, I have to keep completeing screen test, Everything works fine when I unintall F-secure. I wish to keep my location on the west coast because I am unsure the effect a change of location would have on the rest of my Apps, this problem only occured in the past 3 days,



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    Hey, I got same problem. Not all pages but some pages need to do "Attention required ! Cloudflare... One more step. Please complete the security check to access...page address here...Im not robot check". I think it has something to do with Google Cloudflare and they must blacklisted F-secure Freedome servers?

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    Starting on December 19th, all Cloudflare hosted sites have started to require one or two CAPTCHA checks from anyone using F-Secure FREEDOME, regardless the virtual location used.


    Currently the root cause for these checks remains unknown, but this behavior is initiated from Cloudflare side, not from F-Secure. It may be that this is only because of the large number of users using Cloudflare hosted sites from F-Secure FREEDOME locations worldwide.


    F-Secure has already contacted Cloudflare and is working with them towards solving the issue as soon as possible. Meanwhile you can access the Cloudflare sites by completing the CAPTCHA checks presented.

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