Upgrade Path Available?



Is there an upgrade path from F-Secure Internet Security to F-Secure Safe?  If so, what are the details?





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    Sorry for my reply. I'm only F-Secure user (so, only unofficial suggestions);


    I think that answer is "not". But does your ask with certain background?

    Did you receive any offers about upgrade subscription from F-Secure IS to F-Secure SAFE(?!); Or something else?

    Generally, this solutions with different types of subscription; And installing F-Secure SAFE should replace F-Secure IS installation; Additionally, required certain account/subscription for F-Secure SAFE.


    Recently there was next topic:


    where discussed partly this concern. With next points:


    --> F-Secure SAFE installation-process with potential sidegrade/autoremoval for previous solution;

    --> your settings will be cleaned/cleared (and things like your white/black exclusions lists).


    sorry if I understand your concern wrongly. good if you will clarify this.



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