Laptop unusably slow with Internet Security 2012 switched on



I have a Sony Vaio laptop with Internet Security 2012 installed.  Up until about 4 or 5 days ago it was working fine.  Now the machine is unusably slow, and there is constant disk activity (but very low processor usage).  If I turn Computer Security off it's fine again.  Whilst it was off I checked for F-secure updates and one was installed.  But the machine is still the same when I turn Computer Security on again.


Any ideas?  Should I completely reinstall Internet Security?


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    create a diagostics, while the problem appears and submit a support request.



  • If I can get the machine to actually respond, I will!  But it is absolutely crawling along whilst computer security is on.  Also, Windows Action Centre is reporting that virus protection is off, when in fact it is on - is this relevant I wonder?

  • Ok, I've just spent an hour and a half generating the report, created a support ticket and all I got was an error page back from the f-secure site.  Tried twice and got the same result.


    I've spent the whole day on this now and I'm very close to just removing f-secure and putting something else in its place.

  • Update - I eventually uninstalled F-Secure completely and re-installed.  It's now working fine - fingers crossed it stays that way!

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    Hi, It is nice to hear that again it started working

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    Dear ,


    Simply reinstall the F-Secure IS 2012 it will work fine.

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