Can you protect us from net-neutrality?

Can you protect us from the net-neutrality bill??? 


  • I guess thats a no

  • Ben
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    Hello Darkschneider78, 


    Sorry for not getting back to you earlier. Net neutrality is a wide and complex topic. 
    Could you tell us in which sense you would like F-Secure to protect you from the bill policing it?

  • for example..  if my ISP provder slows down my internet speed because I am using their compeitition movie streaming services and not theirs. 


    I noticed when ever I am late paying my bills to my ISP providerf.. they throttle my speed or just redirect my web connections to their website..  I noticed if i turn on Fsecure freedom vpn.. it bypasses that.. 



  • maybe your f-secure vpn can be the underdog against Net-Neutrality ? 

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