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I would like to know what the future plans are for F-Secure freedom. In March 2018 I'm up for renewal but I'm really missing a few features that would make my life so much easier:


- I would like to exclude some  IP ranges from the VPN. When at work as a systems administrator, I connect to multiple subnets, so it would be great to exclude more than just one.

- Sometimes a website is blocked by Freedome (or SAFE) and even though I know it is ok, I cannot whitelist it. 

- In the myfsecure portal I can see which device is using my SAFE licenses, but I cannot see which is using my Freedom licenses. Will there be a change in this?





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    Sorry for my reply (I'm also only F-Secure user).


    Concerned your second point:


    -> with F-Secure SAFE should be possible to whitelist/allow blocked website.

    At least, if blockpage is visible -- should be possible to use "Allow"-button.

    Additionally, F-Secure SAFE with "Allow&Deny websites lists" (Main UI - Settings - tab related to Browsing Protection and find related link; OR Main UI - Tools tab - related category-button). Where possible to allow/deny certain URL (or IP).

    it should work locally.


    -> possible to use F-Secure SAS:

    transfer URL to F-Secure Labs for re-rate.

    it should work globally for all users. F-Secure SAFE blockpage should be with URL to this place (additionally to UI).


    With F-Secure Freedome indeed not possible to whitelist blocked URL and not visible any options to transfer URL to F-secure Labs.



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