hi, can someone tell me how many antivirus engines does f-secure safe use, please thank you.

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    Answer depends on what possible to mark as antivirus engine.


    As my own unofficial feelings about current F-Secure SAFE 17.num:


    --> F-Secure own Aquarius-core (based on third-party well-known engine).

    This works as main traditional engine (extended signature-based engine with many optimisations to many fields by default and by own F-Secure additons).


    --> F-Secure own Hydra core.


    --> F-Secure own DeepGuard technology.


    --> F-Secure own Ultralight core technology.

    this core-technology MAYBE will contain some engines (as DeepGuard too). Mainly possible to claim it as cloud-engine.

    Possible to think that F-Secure do use one of the currently best antivirus-engines (Aquarius-core based on this one), their own cores with engines about improving fields which possible to cover by some interesting security designs (or add scanning design based on something else than practically traditional techniques) and F-Secure Security Cloud.


    But maybe good to receive official answer/statement or proper clarification.





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