Mac - Running SAFE but do I also need it on my virtual Windows

I am running a Mac (Yosemite OS) with SAFE installed. Within the Mac I am also running Windows 7 through VMWare.


Do I also need to install SAFE on the virtual Windows OS?


The reason I ask is that I have been doing this for some time but recently the Windows environment has become painfully slow. I mean REALLY slow.


I tried uninstalling SAFE from Windows and everything was great. Very fast and responsive. I re-installed SAFE and now it is like a very slow, VERY SLOW, movie.


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    Sorry for my reply - I'm only F-Secure user (their home solutions);

    For certified help and proper advices - always possible to contact their direct F-Secure Support channels (chat/phone);


    As my own unofficial suggestion:

    If you want to protect/secure your VM (Windows 7) -> required to install security solution (F-Secure SAFE) under this virtual system. With meanings -> real-time scanning, scanning on demand, web-browsing protection/parental control-features, some tweaks to Windows firewall;


    Potential exception: browsing protection; I able to think that with certain configuration for your VM and network-settings -> it possible that F-Secure SAFE under your Mac will cover network-traffic under your VM (Windows 7). But not likely that such design should work by default.


    About troubles with perfomance: after reinstallation -> possible that F-Secure downloading/installing database-updates. It can be an explanation for potential overload. Also possible to check recommended requirements for F-Secure SAFE installation (Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or higher; Memory: 1GB or more; Disk space: 1.2GB free disk space). I'm not sure that F-Secure SAFE should be a reason for overload under system with common meanings. If it possible to repeat -> maybe possible to investigate more.



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