Browsing protection not working? (In addition to other problems)

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I have been running the Mac version of Freedome on my MBP for about a year and a half and during this time, I have constantly had to turn protection off and on again to get net access after waking up the laptop. Well, F-Secure is working on this and we'll see if they manage to fix it.


However, lately I have noticed that this behavior seems to spread to situations where the laptop is already working. I lose the connection while according to the program icon the connection should be OK and data seems to flow again only after doing the off-on trick again.


Today I was checking the Freedome settings and ended up trying the AMTSO Phishing Testpage. And guess what the result was:


"Feature Settings Check – Phishing Page


If you can read this page, it indicates either:

  • Your Anti-Malware solution is not (yet) supporting this Feature Settings Check


  • Your Anti-Malware solution’s Anti-Phishing feature is not enabled or misconfigured."


So apparently even the browsing protection isn't working! As much as I like F-Secure as a company and would like to keep on using Freedome as an added layer of protection, I'm beginning to think that after my current subscription ends, I won't be renewing it. In addition to the problems above, my first disappointment was when Freedome could no longer evade the Netflix region restrictions after F-Secure so boldly announced that there's nothing that Netflix can do about it...


  • Laksh
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    Hi emr,


    Regarding the AMTSO page, we're aware of this and our Freedome team is working on solving this issue. This occurs due to the changes done at the AMTSO test site. AMTSO test stopped working as AMTSO moved it to work as HTTPS only.


    Regarding losing connection when the laptop is on, may I recommend to contact our support team here in order to check this?

  • emr
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    What's a browsing protection good for if it can't even detect a test site? After all, the REAL phishing sites will use every possibility to evade protection and they'll obviously be able to do that!

  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,224 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi emr,


    Please have a look at this post which has some detailed discussion regarding the AMTSO change.


    AMTSO test stopped working as AMTSO moved it to work as HTTPS only – and we don’t see even the full URL of the page then, only the domain part.


    As we do not do Man-In-The-Middle attack to the HTTPS traffic in our service to respect and ensure the privacy of our users, we can’t block that. We’re working on replacing the test. Scanning HTTPS traffic would be possible with a browser plugin, but as Freedome works on the network level and not within a browser, it is not an option now either. F-Secure Safe has browser plugin too for Android, Windows and Mac.

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